Litmus Test Results Say Citi Is Two Shakes From Being Nationalized


Do you think Citi's gonna be nationalized? Unless you answered 'yes' you are a fool because Charlie Gasparino does and he's always right. How does he know? Well! Many of you will recall that the CNBC commentator and Tarot card reader has a simple method for determining whether or not one of his 'visions' is accurate. Step 1: Call up flack Step 2: Throw vision out there. If the response is a denial or the like, Chaz knows he's got something big (I don't know what it means if they confirm the story). If said flack garnishes denial with accusations of Gasparino being insane, all the better. Now, consider this. Madame Gasparino has been getting rumblings about Citi nationalizing. Today, when he called up the firm, a representative claimed the whole thing was a baseless rumor and, Gaspar told Burnett, called it (and Chaz?) "off the wall." CG jokingly noted that "Vikram Pandit is not yet reporting to the Treasury Secretary," but you know he (and we) knows it's but a matter of time.
Update: CG tells Maria, "Right now the talk over at Citi is not about nationalizing, but about the end of the supermarket."