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Madoff Family's Last Remaining Asset?

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In our ongoing saga to determine whether or not the Madoff sons, Mark and Andy, really had no idea their family business was a scam, we've said several times that one the one hand, how could they not, and on the other: FISH. We've received 387 pictures of the boys and they are posing with fish on every single one, sometimes with rods in their mouths, always with dumb looks on their faces. Fishing, quite literally, appears to be all they do, and we're nearly convinced they might've had no knowledge of the Ponz. Today, a tipster intimately familiar with the Madoff brothers' fishier pursuits (he would be the one you have to thank for the many family photos) writes with info that seems to strengthen the argument that the boys (or at least Andy) are innocent:

Surprised more people have not pointed out that the woman that was with Andy Madoff shopping in SoHo was his girlfriend Katherine Hooper not his wife Deb... they separated early last girlfriend works for him at Abel Reels and this is not a joke...two weeks before the scandal broke he was bragging how she got a tattoo of his name on her ass.

Basically, what with the fish and the asses, there simply wasn't enough room in Andy's brain to stuff in things like a $50 billion scam. Pic of the Hooper after the jump. I'll give you two guesses as to what she's doing, but you'll only need one.