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Madoff GF To Fit Right In

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You know how we feel about the 895 family photos of Madoff sons Andy and Mark we've received, and the fact that they're posing with fish in every single one. Not good! While it'll be nice if they're used as evidence to prove the boys had no idea their father (and boss) was running a Ponzi scheme, cause they were too busy catching and posing to notice, seeing shot after shot after shot of the duo hunting or holding or fellating a fish started frosting our cookies a long time ago, and we're pretty sure you feel the same way.
But it warmed our hearts of stone and souls as black as night to hear that there's a least one person who can not only stand the himbos' favorite pastime, but relate to it. Andy's new girlfriend, Catherine Hooper (she of possible ass tattoo fame). The Bryn Mawr alum wrote of her passion in the college magazine several years back:

Felipe and I walked for hours across miles of beach, scanning the water from behind polarized lenses for any flicker of silver tail against the myriad shining glints on the water's surface. We caught Spanish mackerel in the afternoons when the bonefish seemed to disappear and ate our picnic lunches on the deck of our boat or in little abandoned fishermen's shacks. When I left a week later, I watched from the plane window as Los Roques became smaller and bluer. The wave motion froze as the plane gained altitude.
Things at home were a little different after I returned. My husband grew sick of my talking about fishing and would leave the room if I began. To anyone who would look, I showed my fishing pictures, which consisted of 1. Me holding a fish, 2. Me holding a fish, 3. Me holding--you get the idea.

A match made in heaven. (And let's not forget the Bob Rubin connection, and assume that surely he too is obsessed with being photographed holding something slimy in his hands. Threesome?) More pics of Hooper doing you know what after the jump.