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Madoff Working It Right Up To Eleventh Hour


Really, this is not such a big deal. We consulted with a professional and apparently it's pretty standard when you're dealing with late-stage untreated syphilis, which means it can only help us come court time. Bloomberg reports:

Bernard Madoff accepted $10 million from a new investor just six days before he was charged with running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme, according to a lawsuit seeking return of the funds.
Martin Rosenman, president of Bronx, New York-based Stuyvesant Fuel Service Corp., revealed new details about Madoff's actions in the days before his firm's collapse in a complaint filed yesterday in U.S. bankruptcy court in Manhattan.
Rosenman Family LLC, of which Martin Rosenman is the managing member, sued Irving Picard, the trustee appointed to supervise the unwinding of Madoff's business, seeking a ruling that Picard has no claim to the $10 million. Rosenman, who hadn't previously invested with Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, spoke by phone with Madoff Dec. 3 about investing, according to court papers.

"Madoff stated that the fund was closed until Jan. 1, 2009, but that Mr. Rosenman could wire money" before that date into a Madoff firm account, according to the complaint. Rosenman alleged he received a fax from Madoff Securities employee Jodi Crupi on Dec. 5 that told him to transfer funds to a JPMorgan Chase & Co. account, which he did.
On Dec. 9, Rosenman received a confirmation from Madoff Securities telling him he'd sold short $10 million in U.S. Treasury bills, a transaction he "never authorized," according to the court filing.