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Mustique Developer On Noels

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You know what their neighbors think of the Noel family and now, via Business Sheet, Colin Tennant, founder of the Mustique Company, tells us how he feels about the Greenwich branch of the Madoff Movie of the Week. Spoiler alert: Tennant characterizes the Noels as "...worms. They're terrible snobs, those people. They're frightfully badly behaved snobs." But you should really take a second to click (skip to 6:05) cause it sounds better with his accent, and there's the bonus of watching what appears to be Tennant's houseboy chase Walter Noel off his lawn (and if you've got time, at 4:15 Tennant dresses Noel down like a naughty school girl over something about a "board" which "wasted two years of [his] life." It's dismissive, demeaning and fairly amusing to watch, especially when Noel is reduced to groveling and apologizing and promising not to waste "another two years" of Big T's life).