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No, Gentry Beach Is Not Just The Waterside Property Of An Island Plantation On A British Protectorate

Touradjl promised that when he was "finished with [Beach], [Beach] would be ruined and completely unemployable on Wall Street." Touradji added that he had had no intention of paying Beach the compensation he was owed.
At the end of the meeting, Touradji repeated his threat to destroy Beach and his family, and stated that he would have Beach killed if he crossed him.
Because Touradji screamed at Beach during much of this September 25, 2008 meeting, his threats were overheard by other Touradji Capital employees.
As a result of the foregoing events, Beach was compelled to resign from his employment with Touradji Capital on September 26, 2008, and thus was constructively discharged.
At the same time, he provided Tom Dwan, Touradji Capital's Chief Financial Officer and Compliance Officer with a letter formally reporting Touradji's September 5 and 25, 2008 verbal attacks and physical threats.
On September 26, 2008, Beach filed a police report in New York City detailing the threats Touradji made against him and his family, including the threat to have him killed.

Apparently today is death threat day at Dealbreaker. Perhaps Touradji should have expressed his ire in our comments section. Much safer than screaming in the office.

Gentry T. Beach v. Touradji Capital Management