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Noels Selling Assets?

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For the one or two Dealbreaker readers who didn't know, the International Debutante Ball was held at the Waldorf Astoria on December 29. This particular event was founded in 1954, though obviously it roots can be back to the awkward plantation days. Now, families shell out $14,000 per table in addition to other expenses (gowns, hairdressers, lithium, etc) associated with putting their daughters on the market. Sort of sounds like exactly the type of gala right up Fairfield Greenwich founder Noel Walter's daughter's alley, a conclusion we arrive at only on the basis of the facts that apparently Monica Noel's singular pursuit in life was to marry off her five girls and that at least one Noel spawn, Corina, was "presented at the Debutante Cotillion and Christmas Ball" back in the day. So it would possibly follow that in pre-Ponzi times she would put her daughter up for sale as well. Now that FFG and the Noel fam in general is in the toilet however, that'd probably seem a bit in appropriate. Or would it?

A commenter down with the deb circuit wonders if one "Lettie Noel" is in some way related (by blood) to the Greenwich branch of the Madoff Movie Of The Week? We're checking it out, but while we wait, consider this-- yes, it would be poor timing on the Noel's part to let one of their own take part in such a spectacle, but now, more than ever, finding young men willing to aid and abet family fraud is of chief importance.
Update: We're told by someone familiar with the latest generation of Noel ladies that Nettie is not in fact a granddaughter of Walter, though she is possibly a niece.