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Nostradamus Gasparino: Vikram Pandit On The Way Out

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Like he said yesterday and this morning and moment earlier, Charlie Gasparino believes Citi CEO Vikram Pandit is likely to be shown the door. According to Chaz, "the market is betting Vikram Pandit's days are over," but there are a couple other reasons we shouldn't be too quick to dismiss the news.
1. Litmus Tests. Though officials at the Big C have categorically denied the story, there's an observable pattern here. CG told Mel Francis, "I got screamed at by Jimmy Cayne's flack and Joe Gregory's and then guess what happened a few weeks later?" So, though it's not yet a science, Chaz gettin' yelled at = someone's gettin' fired.
2. Past Performance and Crystal Balls. Do not discount track record. As Gasparino reminded us, "I've predicted a lot of these executive changes at the top."