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Pack-Mentality Noels Ruined Mustique Tennis Matches

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As you know, we experienced a terrible case of second-hand heartbreak upon learning that Fairfield Greenwich founder Walter Noel and his family would not be making it to their quaint little place on Mustique this year, due to other obligations. You probably grieved as well, but apparently one group of people is a-okay with the turn events-- their neighbors on the island. According to one local resident, "they are definitely not missed" and "the No. 1 comment this winter was how much nicer it is on the island without the Noels." Another told the Post that the fam, which had a rep for moving in "an aggressive, pack-like fashion," straight up ruined tennis for everyone because "they would all come onto the side of the courts and talk so loudly you had to stop your game because you couldn't concentrate." To celebrate the Noel's absence, one enterprising young bartender has created the "No Noel" cocktail, which is "a take on a mojito." Any guess what the secret ingredient is?