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Prosecutors: "Madoff's Actions Showed Disregard For The Law"

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By which they mean the millions of dollars worth of "Hannukah gifts" he mailed out while under house arrest, not the $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Also likely indicative of a lack of respect for the "rules" is that sitch with the barnyard animals and Cool Whip, but that's not pertinent to our case. What Mades may be locked up for, if prosecutors successfully get bail revoked, are the 13 watches, a diamond necklace, an emerald ring, 2 sets of cufflinks, a diamond bracelet, Cartier and Tiffany watches, four diamond brooches, and a jade necklace that he and wife Ruth still claim were merely sent to family members as holiday gifts, and not to hoard assets. The defense has til the end of the day to turn in what should be a delightful argument as to why big boy shouldn't have to bunk with Bubba.


Madoff Aides Ask For Conviction To Be Overturned Because Prosecutor Made A Movie Reference

Among other things, but really, it's The Godfather reference that sticks in their craw.