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Rubin To Pandit: "Let me begin by stressing that I have great respect for you and the job you have been doing in addressing...Citi's complicated challenges.'

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To: Citi Employees
From: Vikram Pandit and Sir Win Bischoff
Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 5:11 PM
Re: Bob Rubin Retirement
It is with considerable sadness that we are letting you know that Bob
Rubin has decided to retire from Citi. This was not a decision Bob came
to lightly, but as he enters his 70s and with all that is now in place
at Citi, he believed the time has come for him to deepen his involvement
in outside activities and organizations to which he has been strongly
Since Bob joined Citi nearly 10 years ago, he has made invaluable
contributions to the company. From the beginning, Bob has been
instrumental in working with clients around the globe and forging strong
relationships for our businesses. He has also been a trusted advisor to
senior management and the Board, and we are pleased to say Bob has
agreed to continue to be available as a sounding board and resource for
us and the company.
Please join us in wishing him well and thanking him for his years of
service and leadership.
Attached is Bob's letter for you to read.


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