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Say It To His Face

Via proxy! While we can't get you up in Bernie Madoff's grill (yet), we are offering Dealbreaker readers the opportunity to ask one of the Ponz. Master's minions, "WTF were you thinking?" or something along those lines. Here's the deal: a friend of DB, who is an investor in one of the Madoff feeder funds, is meeting with his firm in the near future, mostly to discuss them losing all his money. But he's also graciously offered to pose any questions you people might have, time permitting. We won't name the fund, on the off-chance they put 2 and 2 together, though you can probably guess. We'll take the five best questions and forward them on (and provide a full report with Q's and A's once we have them). Real queries should be e-mailed here, ones that will categorically not be asked left in comments (to protect our devoted investor from inadvertent disclosure).