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Soros Does Not Do Snowball Fights

It's Davos time, and you know what that means. Every talking head with an opinion will be spouting off their big idea(tm) of the day, their mouths forced to move at a rapid pace, opening and closing spasmicly lest an overeager reporter shove a microphone past the point that triggers the gag reflex. Soros, of course, is no exception.

"That (the "bad bank" proposal) will help relieve the situation, but it will not be sufficient to turn it around," Soros said during a live interview at the Davos economic conference in Switzerland. Instead, Soros said he would create a "good bank" and re-capitalize the good assets.

If it's not Soros talking about the effects of "the Lehman thing," it is someone else talking about the effects of "the Lehman thing," so really, couldn't we just do without Soros for awhile?
Soros: 'Bad Bank' for Troubled Assets Is Bad Idea [CNBC]


Hank Greenberg Wins AIG Case, Snowball Does Not Get A New Pair Of Shoes

A judge ruled in Greenberg's favor but not in the monetary sense.