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The Dangers Of Live Feeds appears to have been the victim of a bit of a security breach. Their live-updating MacWorld ticker just included the comment "Steve jobs just died," followed by a quick retraction.
That was very naughty whichever Dealbreaker reader did that. Bad reader. No bone.

9:27 amSteve did not die.
9:27 amRetraction on Steve Jobs comment...we don't know how that got in our feed.
9:26 amShowing a "pumpkin patch" event with no geotag. Starts typing name, and iPhoto assists using its database of locations.
9:25 amHovering over a pin at Aspen. Click an arrow and go straight to all Aspen photos, even across multiple events.
9:24 amNow demoing Places.
9:24 amCan also group people in albums. Showing "Our Family"...automatically contains and updates all members of the family.

Macworld San Francisco 2009 Keynote Live Coverage [MacRumors]