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The Fate Of Marcus Hangs In The Balance

He was going to have to face extradition once he healed up, but now it looks like he'll face federal charges first. The federal charges are a bit of a bore, including intentional communication of a false distress message and willfully damaging, destroying or wrecking an aircraft (this is all you guys could come up with? Where's the gratuitous terrorism charge? That's a piece of cake to manage with any crime that includes an airplane!) but they are likely to stick. Hard. After that? The good graces of Indiana's fraud cases await him.
As blind as justice is supposed to be, no one is going to be very amused and Schrenker is unlikely to catch a break. Anywhere.
Contrary to prior reports, apparently his suicide attempt was pretty credible. CNN reports that he was "bleeding so profusely when he was found that he likely would not have survived another hour without medical help."
Timing is everything, Marcus.
Captured pilot awaits doctors' orders [CNN]