The Semiannual Dealbreaker Guide To Avoiding Repeat Comments


We understand that technology can be difficult, and that some members of the finance community, newly liberated from the chains of their investment banking masters, have heretofore only limited experience with Dealbreaker, web browsers, the network of tubes that is the interwebs and instructions not delivered above 110dB. The curse of web blocking software has deprived an entire generation of financiers the ability to properly browse. Now at home in their pajamas, many are learning for the first time, the wonders of open comments on the forums. As an aside, won't you please give to the United Finance Workers Proper Browsing Fund? Every little bit helps.
Accordingly, periodically, we post these comment submission instructions, for the benefit of the community at large.
Step 1: Open new tab (tab 1) in browser.
Step 2: Browse to desired Dealbreaker posting.
Step 3: Enter comment text. (Use spell check, grammar check and idiot check feature of browser / frontal lobe, if required. Please note: Racial slurs, stalking the editors, or threatening violence- when not solicited by the editors- are all likely to get your comment removed. Repeated offenses will get your IP range banned).
Step 4: Review carefully. (Hint: If you don't get the joke, you are probably alone. Telegraphing this in comments is probably unwise before others have gone before you. Short, meaningless missive like "TLDR" or "FIRST" will not amuse the editors. Particularly if the post is short and your comment is not first). Press "Post Comment."
Step 5: Open new tab (tab 2) in browser.
Step 6: Continue browsing via tab 2. DO NOT OBSESS OVER THE STATUS OF YOUR COMMENT.
Step 7: After at least 90 seconds, close tab 1.
Step 8: Lather, rinse, repeat.
Commenting is a privilege and an awesome responsibility. Use it wisely.