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There's Gonna Be A Showdown In Charlotte?

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It's poss! As you already know, Bank of America's board will meet today for a regularly scheduled meeting, with one topic of discussion likely being Ken Lewis's future with the firm. A person "close to the board" told the Journal that the CEO's job "is in no danger," but another person, also in close proximity to the situation, hissed that everybody needs to pipe down and "wait until'll get your answer then," which sounds ominous. Plus, since Friday, certain revelations have come to the bank's attention like, among others, what role Lewis's right-hand guy, Steele Alphin, played in the whole Merrill/Thain sitch, and the matter of KL dyeing his hair.
In related news, it seems Lewis may join Team Touched by Andy, with sources telling the Post a subpoena is coming his way.