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Today's Ponzi Trifecta Begins?

What do you do when your life doesn't go as planned? Well, of course, you get in your Piper Pawnee Brave, fly along normally for some time, right before reporting an imploded windshield and profuse bleeding to controllers, and declaring an emergency over Florida swamp land. Set the plane on autopilot 2,000 feet, open the door and jump out with your parachute. On hitting the ground, you walk up to a policeman, complete with skydiving gear and goggles and report that you've been in a canoe accident and give the officer your real driver's license before checking into a local motel with cash under a fake name, donning a "black toboggan cap" and running into the woods next to the motel.
Well, that's not what I'd do exactly. But that's what Marcus Schrenker, 38, from Indiana appears to have done. Police are looking for Schrenker now.have Schrenker in custody now may or may not have Schrenker in custody. I'm sure it has exactly zero to do with his Indianapolis firm,"Heritage Wealth Management, Inc" (not to be confused not be confused with Heritage Wealth Management, LLC, the apparently unconnected San Diego firm) or Icon Wealth Management.
Update: The timing of CREATIVE MARKETING INTERNATIONAL CORP. v. SCHRENKER et al seems relevant, no?
Update Two: Class notes from our Pawnee Brave Bailer:

Marcus Schrenker
Graduated: 1989
Elem/Middle School: Wood/Pierce
Updated: 04/30/2006 23:48:13
Claim to Fame: I studied too much. If only I could go back?
What they're doing now: What everyone else is doing, trying to put my kids through school, pay the bills, live the American dream.

Seems Heritage was adviser to the Delta Pilots Pension Termination Opposition efforts, which back in 2006 was begging for $2 million to fight the power.
Update Three:

Coincidentally, Icon Wealth Management, the private investment company that Schrenker owns, was served a warrant on December 31st at his Cambridge home for securities fraud according to local authorities. Both his Cambridge home and offices on Fall Creek Parkway were raided and computers, laptops, and files were taken by police.

Update 4:
CNN was reporting he was flying a Piper PA-36 (the Pawnee Brave). That seems harder to swallow than his FAA records which show he owns N531MA, a 2002 Piper PA 46-350P (a Malibu). Either he owns both, or CNN is mistaken. We're betting the latter.
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