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Touradji Tessio

It's just that his success has made him a target, you see. That explains the new accusations that have emerged in the case against Paul Touradji and, if nothing else, provides us with the best case names and the most Godfatheresque dialogue we have ever encountered in a civil suit. That's saying something.
Now it seems that, faced with rather stinging accusations by Gentry Beach (we know, we know) over some unpaid bonuses, our cranky hedge fund manager is said to have approached another employee and offered him $30 million to scribe out a nasty letter about Beach. Supposedly, the Godfather of 2 and 20 breathed something like:
"...things can go one of two ways for you now: Your life can be easy and financially secure or you can make it very difficult on yourself."
Authorities have put a double watch on stables in the area in case a horse's head becomes involved.
Touradji Case Includes Bribery Charges [The New York Post]
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