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Vikram Pandit "Was Too Smart In Considering Things...Lacked Urgency....Not Scared Enough"

That's the reasoning cited by Dennis Kneale, hitting his false dichotomy quota for the day, for why Vikram Pandit's gotta go. He's right, you know. It's sad to say, but what Citi needed a year ago was an idiot who soiled himself every time Meredith Whitney bought a new ball gag. Spectacles didn't suggest a successor, which presumably can be explained by virtue of the fact that there is none (though perhaps DK was about to nominate Bojangles for the job, with the Merrill Lynch defecator as deputy before he and Charlie Gasparino started shouting at each other at a pitch and in a tongue only dogs can hear/understand). No matter. The question(s) remains. (1) Should Vikula pack up his belongings and mosey on out of the place (2) Who should take over?


If You're Not Pissing Your Pants In Fear Over China, You're Not Scared Enough: Jim Chanos

You should be on your third or fourth pair of pants right now, according to the short seller.