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Walter Noel Can't Even Give It Away Properly

After lengthy checks, headmaster Peter Dix tells me: 'I am afraid I can't shed any light on this. The name Walter Noel doesn't mean anything to us and certainly it doesn't ring any bells as far as a specific school project or building fund is concerned.

We do so love British understatement, in this case in reference to the supposed $10,000 donation to Dorset's Port Regis by the Noels. Of course, unsaid is the relevance of a low-five figure donation or the clerical error (or even outright falsehood) that highlights it. As a means to impress the Brits, or anyone else, sending this drop to Port Regis is an awfully ineffective way to go. One almost wonders if the donation (part of $160,000 in charity apparently) wasn't purely an accident.
The worst (best) part of it all must be the phrase "The name Walter Noel doesn't mean anything to us...."
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