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We Needed A Hero This Week

Knowing something about the topic, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this pilot. There are two in flight emergencies that just scare me to death. The first, in flight fire. The second, engine out on take off.
The hardest thing to do is stick with the general rule, under your go-around altitude, to "land straight ahead." Doing that in the water is just exceptionally hard psychologically and practically. The temptation is to try and turn the plane, while "low and slow" and that is just the kiss of death.
Maintaining the energy to get where you want to be and then bleeding it off before landing without stalling the nose into the drink is just a gargantuan accomplishment.
This pilot, and his first officer deserve medals, without a doubt.
Not only that, but, at least given the picture, it looks like the First Officer is still in the cockpit. That's dedication.
This is also one of the ONLY successful jet emergency water landings I have EVER seen or heard about.
Perhaps Dealbreaker readers would be interested in throwing a few dollars into a little "Hero Fund?"
What say you, Dealbreaker readers?