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Who Is Trash Talking Jamie Dimon To Charlie Gasparino?


Like we mentioned two seconds ago, Charlie Gasparino is convinced that JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon "is set for a fall." While we're sure CG could sniff out and break a story based on gut instinct alone, he also gets his info from top notch sources (as you'll recall it was Gasparino who broke the Merrill defecation story last year), who keep him well-informed. So we want to know, who the hell is this:

When I asked one Wall Street CEO to assess Dimon's performance he pointed to the nearly 40 percent drop in JP Morgan shares since the beginning of the fourth quarter. This executive believes JP Morgan will now join other banks and experience problems beyond the fourth quarter and well into next year as credit card debt, student loans, and other debt on the bank's balance sheet begin to falter. "The market is telling you something is wrong," the executive said. "The stock market is saying one thing, and his image in the press is saying something else."

Taking into account that "Wall Street CEO" is a relative term, and that they've probably caused paths during the course of CG's research for the forthcoming, When Mooks Fail, we're going to go with Big Daddy Cayne. At a distant second we've got Dollar Dominatrix Meredith Whitney, because, a) as previously stated, "WSCEO" is hard to define and b) MW is likely still pissed about the fact that Dimon did not spare her his special brand of "ball busting" on that October conference call. But let's be democratic about this. So:

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Twenty years ago they would've been using flip-phones. Life is great. Case closed.