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Who Should Be The Next CEO Of Morgan Stanley?

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You know Ladenburg Thalmann analyst Dick Bove's pick** (Phill Purcell come on down!), and while we hope he gets his wish (that's not an endorsement of P-squared so much as it is one for the adorable woodland creature), there are a few other names in the board's exploratory hopper in anticipation of John Mack's probable 2010 retirement. According to Dennis Berman, they include co-presidents-- and now rivals for the throne-- Walid Chammah and James Gorman, though Chammah is apparently all "eh" about taking the job, and Gorman may be too new and not yet in with the right people at the firm. Also under vague consideration by the board are "dark horse" picks CFO Colm Kelleher and investment bank chief Paul Taubman, as well as outsiders (Jimmy Cayne, Bernie Madoff). Have someone in mind? Nominate your pick today!
**He originally nominated Purcell for Wachovia, but we're told the Phil-ster is Bove's default pick for CEO of any firm, when asked.


Bonus Watch '13: Morgan Stanley CEOs

The bad news: James Gorman's pay fell 30 percent this year. The good news: he's now in a position to show employees how to take these setbacks like a man, rather than grumbling like someone who puts their compensation in a one-year context to define their overall level of happiness.