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With The Ponzi-Fu Action Grip

Want to knock off Bernie but the credit crisis has wiped out your "hitman fund"? No problem. Just get yourself a Bernie doll.

You bet, says Connecticut toymaker Emil Vicale, who manufactures patriotic "hero" and politically incorrect "villain" action figures out of his home workshop. Retailing for $149.99, his latest product is a "limited edition" Madoff doll featuring a fistful of $100 bills and a luxury wristwatch painted with real 24-karat gold.
"He's wiped out people's life savings, he's destroyed their kids' lives and their grandchildren's lives," says Vicale, who sells his creations at "In other cultures, wouldn't they just cut his head off?"

We are ordering one for the office, where it will sit next to our Cramer, our stuffed Greenspan figurine, and Xerox sent by an anonymous reader purported to be of Erin Callan's ass with "December 2007" written on the back.
No word yet on the time line for a Marcus Schrenker paratrooper doll.
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