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A Matter Of Grave Importance

Page Six casually wonders today, "Which morning cable TV show hostess took off a week recently to get her eyes done and her breasts enlarged?" Now, they could be referring to any old news babe, but let's be honest, the Post uses its column inches to go after Fox Business "rival" CNBC. So that narrows things down nicely. But whose T&E are we talking about here? For obvious reasons, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is out. I think the Money Honey had a few days off last week, but she's not on in the morning (she is, however, sporting a new haircut, mentioned several times this week by D. Rat, which may be an attempt to distract us from other changes). And then there's Erin Burnett. Allegedly she was in China last week on assignment-- or was she? Also "on assignment" was Rebecca Jarvis, down in Antigua, supposedly looking for Sir Allen Stanford though, quite suspiciously, always had her face and body scrambled when appearing on-air, which the Peacock would have us believe was due to satellite trubs. So, you tell us:

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