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ABC Is Shocked, Shocked To Find That The President Also Has A Private Plane, Driver.

Coming a bit late to the party, and clearly more than a little short on the sarcasm detection equipment, ABC News has learned that the President of the United States actually has a pretty cushy gig. The deeply researched story quips:

America's CEOs are coming under fire these days not just for their hefty salaries but also for their use of private jets, limos with drivers and free trips to posh resorts. But they aren't alone in living this lavish lifestyle -- the president of United States gets all these perks and more. And unlike some of his Cabinet appointments, he doesn't have to pay taxes on these benefits.
It might be a bit of a stretch to compare today's corporate titans with the commander in chief, but some Wall Street bloggers clearly upset with President Obama's attempts to rein in executive pay are doing just that.
"Some accountability needs to be put in place. We won't have them kicking sand in the face of taxpayers any longer," said one private equity worker on, a Wall Street gossip site and blog.

At least they spelled our name right.
Obama's Perks: Private Jet, Chef Tax Free [ABC News]
Update:Drudge has it too.