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Ang. Moz. Quaking In Anticipatory Fear

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If you know anything about us, you know we're big fans of getting up in people's faces all self-righteously, and if there are coordinated tee-shirts to speak of, all the better. So we were delighted to hear of some organizing going on up in CT this weekend, though sorely disappointed to not have gotten in on that shit ourselves. The Stamford Advocatereports that hundreds of protesters from the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America gathered outside the home of William Frey, CEO of Greenwich Financial services on Sunday, in order to "denounce predatory mortgage lending practices."
The event is apparently part of a "national accountability campaign" aimed at getting Frey and his ilk* to support refinancing loans. Sunday's message was underscored by the yellow T's at left, bearing the slogan "Stop Loan Sharks," with a picture of a rather menacing one, which was thought to be the brain child of Greenwich resident and event participant S. Cohen (who was sadly talked out of the idea of tossing an effigy of Frey in the Hirst tank, "just to show them we mean business").
Somewhat oddly, the group apparently made a stop at Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack's home in Rye before Frey's to shout about the same issue, but perhaps that was merely a matter of organizers needing to stretch their legs during the interminably long Metro North ride, and not part of the 'people who a thin argument at best can be made to blame' segment of the event. If we're going with the latter, however, we have it on good authority John Paulson is being targeted next (owns large home).
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*NACA's "Most Wanted" list includes Lloyd Blankfein, Barclays CEO Robert Diamond, Credit Suisse's Robert Shafir, HSBC's Brendan McDonagh, National City Mortgage's Peter Raskind and Carrington Capital Management CEO Bruce Rose.