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As If Millions of Voices Suddenly Cried Out In Terror...

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Occasionally, just occasionally, culling the news pulls out a hidden gem of such obnoxious and revolting pomposity that we cannot help but smile to ourselves and throw it to the wolves that are Dealbreaker's readers. Perhaps the sensation is much like watching Christians versus Lions. Or Noels versus Tennants. This time, however, it's the 214th richest man in England versus, well, everyone else.

Tall and slim, Madejski wears a navy suit and a Hermes tie dotted with tiny elephants. Health conscious, he orders a Dover sole, and refuses a topping of ice cream on his fruit salad. When our half-bottle of Saint-Joseph (a Rhone Valley red) arrives, he smells the empty glass, then the wine poured in it, nodding approvingly long before taking the first sip.
Madejski has no hard feelings toward those born privileged, and says he loves the class system. "Everybody brings something to the party," he says. "The upper classes are far more willing to help and to show the way than aspiring middle-class people who are out for themselves all the time."

Degas Seller Madejski Gives Millions Away, Savors Knighthood [Bloomberg]