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BAC Shareholders Mobilize Against Lewis

They're still banging out the specs but a group of BAC fractional owners, led by shareholder Jerry Finger, are planning on requesting that Ken Lewis hit the bricks, at the bank's upcoming annual meeting. Speaking on behalf of the Fingerers, Jerry told the Post that his people want the CEO and chairman role split, in addition to "various governance changes," meaning that while former Countrywide chief and current Bank of Amerillwide court jester Angelo Mozilo's job is probably safe, Lewis should be quaking in his boots. (Though sinisterly vague about what he's got in the hopper, Finger did reply "Yes, you could assume so," when asked if he was planning on proverbially sending KL home in a body bag, which would scare most CEOs, let alone the most effete among us, who maybe dye their hair.) Finger and his backup dancers, which he says include institutional investors, filed suit against BAC on January 22, on the claim that Lewis failed to protect shareholder interests when he signed them up for a tutorial in what it feels like to be ass-raped for an eternity, for the second time this year.