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Bank of America's Web Of Lies

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Mail call:

"If you read the news it says that Ken Lewis had to take the corporate jet 'because of the timing of the meeting' with Cuomo yesterday. Ken Lewis was sitting in a hair salon called Emerson Joseph in Charlotte at 10:00 am, taking his sweet time, being groomed. More than one person I know saw him. So self-righteous! I'm not against the corporate jet, or his grooming habits for that matter - but that bank lies about everything all the time and always gets away with it."



Layoffs Watch '12: Bank Of America

Third-year Gulfstreams, pilots, and flight attendants have been encouraged to explore opportunities elsewhere. Bank of America Corp. has sold half of its corporate jet fleet and laid off some of its pilots, the Charlotte Business Journal has learned...BofA also has laid off more than half a dozen pilots and support staff at its corporate aircraft hangar in Charlotte, according to people familiar with the operations...Company officials decline to say whether the sales are part of a cost-cutting move or are a step toward fleet upgrades. Cost-cutting seems more likely. Bank of America trims corporate jet fleet and staff [BizJournals]