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Big Bonuses Boil Brown Before British Bank Boss Bashing Begins

You sort of knew it was percolating anyhow over in the UK, but it seems to have come to a boil (ahem).

Barclays announced a top-level review of its bonus structure on Monday, amid a growing political clamour in Britain over rewards paid to bankers in the midst of the credit crunch.
Gordon Brown, British prime minister, said he was "angry" that Royal Bank of Scotland - a part-nationalised bank - was preparing to pay out £1bn ($1.5bn) in bonuses. Other ministers urged bankers to forgo their rewards.
The start of the bank bonus season has provoked a wave of anger towards bankers in Britain. On Monday the former bosses of RBS and HBOS will be grilled by MPs on how they led their institutions to the edge of collapse.

After Dick Fuld and the SEC we find it hard to imagine anything would be more entertaining, but we haven't seen Questions to the Prime Minister in a while.
Barclays to review bonus policy amid clamour [The Financial Times]


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