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Bonus Watch '09: BAC

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Congrats my little Bank of Amerillwiders-- you're all getting a Vermont Teddy Bear Love Bandit, on Lewis. No, you wish. But this almost as good. Turns out you'll be getting the entirety of 2008's bonus in under a decade! DowJones has confirmed what we told you yesterday:

Bank of America Corp. (BAC) reversed course on a controversial decision to defer 2008 bonus payments for some investment banking staff. The bank's change of plan is designed to limit discontent amid a rocky integration with newly acquired Merrill Lynch.
The Charlotte-based bank is telling some employees in various businesses across the bank that a portion of their bonuses will be paid out over six quarters. That change significantly shortens a previous plan that would have deferred bonus payments to some employees over a period of time that stretched through 2012.