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Bové Shows Ladenburg Who's Boss


Bloomberg reports that everyone's favorite adorable woodland creature has stood her ground! Upon learning that employer Ladenburg Thalmann didn't really have her back, re: this summer's imbroglio with BankAtlantic, she has walked out the door and will not be coming back, having already shacked up with another man. Sing it, sister:

Bove, who joined Stamford, Connecticut-based Rochdale Securities LLC this week, was sued in July by BankAtlantic Bancorp, which said he defamed the company by saying it might fail in a report titled "Who is Next?" Bove in August urged a Florida judge to throw out the suit, saying companies shouldn't be able to muzzle independent analysts by threatening litigation.
"The only reason that I left Ladenburg is because of this lawsuit," Bove, 68, said today in an interview. "It's because Ladenburg was moving toward a settlement and I refused to settle because I think this lawsuit has no merit."

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