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Bring Us The Bodies

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Who are the Goldman Sachs executives facing margin calls of "tens of millions"? Charlie Gasparino, perhaps out propriety (I kid...I kid) wouldn't say specifically when he broke the story, nor would the bank, but surely their names have been scrawled on the wall of some men's room at 85 Broad by now, and I would like for one of you to tell us who they are. Chaz said the parties were "top" executives, which could mean one of the Super Seven (Blankfein, Gary Cohn, Winks, David Vinair, J. Michael Evans, Michael Sherwood, John Weinberg), who also have the distinction of going without bonuses this year.
Oh, awkward update: according to Cramer, "top" executives, under the Buffett deal, aren't allowed to sell. So either "top" = first years, or *someone(s)* wanted to buy some alt assets no matter what the Buffs said they could do with their stock, in which case there will be NO tit smothering by B's buxom prosties for them!