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No one likes a downer (well, how about: "only old WASP crones really appreciate the importance of a good downer." I know several, many since expired, who raved against the Schedule I scheduling of Methaqualone in 1984. One even called her attorney and asked about lobbying against the decision. No, I'm really not kidding). Be this as it may, (we have to pander to our aged, female WASP readers, you understand) we are duty-bound to report to you that Citigroup has broken the "double buck." Sure, this isn't as exciting as "breaking the buck," but, in light of Pandit's graceful first-half-of-third-act performance, we could no sooner fail to cover this than ignore the slow sinking of the Titanic if we found ourselves on the scene for that disaster. (I personally would have thrown Billy Zane off of the lifeboat, but that is something of a personal matter).
So... do we have to put up a poll? Is anyone even remotely as torn about the prospects for NYSE:C as we?



Gary Cohn Spending His Day Hiding From His C- Average "Wharton" "Educated" Boss

There has to be a closet large enough to protect Gary from explaining why "More jobs not make market big?"