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Calling All Party Planners

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer, he of "I'm not sure if Allen Stanford's here but my gut feeling is probs not," needs your help. His gov wants to meet with employees of Sir Stanford's companies in the area, but is having trubs with the logistics, namely an appropriately-sized space and sufficiently festive food.
"It's quite a lot of employees, we have to find a venue," PM Spencer said in an interview with the Antigua Sun. "And how do you feel about shrimp puffs," he asked us in our minds, knowing we know a guy. Also causing Baldy sleepless nights is what to do with the employees once they get there. Twister, sure, and perhaps an after party key party, but what else? As of now he's drawing blanks.

Spencer explained that they want to have something tangible to tell the employees. "We recognise that a number of critical questions will be put to us. The whole idea was to generate some degree of confidence and to let the employees know that the government will be doing all that it can within pragmatic and practicable areas to bring assistance," Spencer said. "It is a complicated issue, not a straight forward matter but we are interested in the welfare of the employees."

While we can't be of any assistance there (and given that we're of the Wall Street CEO school of inspiring confidence via memos free of any actual deets, we don't want to be), but we do have some ideas re: a space to throw the thing. Mind you these are merely jumping off points, and surely you can do better, but just to grease the wheels, what about:

Stan's private island.

A dome we know can get the job done.

A certain rink just begging for it.

The obvious choice.