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Caption Contest Tuesday: Sticky Wickets

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Sir Stanford, cricket y fraud fan, in presumably happier times.

MATT PRIOR peered at the giant screen and was gobsmacked to see his pregnant wife sitting on a middle-aged man's knee.
It did not cause England's wicketkeeper to drop a catch -- and that is saying something because 14 chances were spilled in the Stanford Super Series' first 80 overs.
But the vision of smiling billionaire Sir Allen Stanford, who likes lining cricketers' pockets, bouncing Emily Prior on his left leg was about as bizarre as it gets.
Monday night's action, when England beat Middlesex by 12 runs, was dismal, and Stanford had already performed his presidential walkabout of the ground. He appeared keen to get on camera again so he went into the England WAGs enclosure.
There he grabbed a couple of blondes -- Alice Hunt, girlfriend of Alastair Cook, was on one side while Mrs Prior was perched on his knee.
Stanford, 58, certainly seemed to be enjoying himself.
And the girls could hardly tell him to buzz off because he is ready to put £600,000 in their fellas' bank accounts.
England bowler Stuart Broad admitted: "It was an interesting point when the pictures came on the big screen -- there were a few gobsmacked players.
"I was bowling at the time but Matt had a bit of shocked look on his face especially
as his wife is pregnant!" Stanford's name is plastered everywhere and he wanders in and out of the dressing rooms, normally a barred area for outsiders.
This whole event is like his play-thing -- he has hired the England team to appear in his garden.