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Charlie Gasparino Questions Journalistic Ethics, Adds 'Nother Notch To 'Obsessed With Me' Belt

As you know, various individuals are taking a stand against CNBC today. FT Alphaville publicized the grass-roots effort, which is really the brainchild of StockTwits, this morning. The chippies' editorial comment on the matter was the following:

I think we all know who had something to say about this.

"I don't get the relevance of my picture to this ban. The FT reporter-- and I use that term loosely-- Tracy Alloway is violating journalistic ethics by including it, and the writing in white, with the post. I think it's strange that FTAlphaville is now in the Felix Salmon department of having a bizarre obsession with me. Btw, they [presumably the higher-ups at Portfolio] should send IT to over to check Felix's downloading history."
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