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Charlie Gasparino Thinks You're All Unemployed SAC Capital Employees

Earlier this morning, upon hearing that Charlie Gasparino had made a promise to himself (and his underage viewers) not to curse on air ever again, we decided to insert ourselves (and yourselves) into the personal challenge. Without running it by CG, we decided that if he broke the vow before March 1, he had to do something for us (that something TBD), and if he made it to March 1 without a slip, his next night at Elaine's would on you people. Then this popped into our inbox:

I just read your item and wld love to take u up on the bet. There's just one problem: judging by some of the comments on your posts about me, the typical Dealbreaker reader (a) is unemployed or (b) the kid on the trading desk who is forced to take the female hormones and wear dresses, etc.
As such, i don't think your readers can afford a night at Elaine's.

Burn! But: after getting CG on the horn and assuring him that among them all, DB's readers could probably swing it, he relented. Which is to say: IT IS ON. We haven't yet finalized what Chaz will have to do in the event things go our way, so take the rest of the morning/afternoon off to consider it, and I'll offer him his options after the close.