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Citadel Covering Bases


As you all know, our favorite Chicago hedge fund is back in the game but luckily for the hostages investors Ken Griffin isn't taking any chances, and if he gets a car and an airplane with 6 hours fuel standing by at the airport or Fed guy on his staff NOW he wont start throwing assets out the window one at a time with a bullet in them. We're told K to the G, along with wife Anne, shared an intimate dinner with Randy Kroszner, recently retired Governor of the Federal Reserve, last night at Alinea in Chicago. Apparently on the agenda: "art, wine, debt markets and job offers," the latter presumably being for Kros (and his rolodex) to come help out in Chi-town, though we do like the idea of KG taking up public service, and Secretary of the Treasury is probably out, on account of the tax issue.*
*Just messing, you know we've got nothing but love for Kenny-boy.