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Citadel Covering Bases

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As you all know, our favorite Chicago hedge fund is back in the game but luckily for the hostages investors Ken Griffin isn't taking any chances, and if he gets a car and an airplane with 6 hours fuel standing by at the airport or Fed guy on his staff NOW he wont start throwing assets out the window one at a time with a bullet in them. We're told K to the G, along with wife Anne, shared an intimate dinner with Randy Kroszner, recently retired Governor of the Federal Reserve, last night at Alinea in Chicago. Apparently on the agenda: "art, wine, debt markets and job offers," the latter presumably being for Kros (and his rolodex) to come help out in Chi-town, though we do like the idea of KG taking up public service, and Secretary of the Treasury is probably out, on account of the tax issue.*
*Just messing, you know we've got nothing but love for Kenny-boy.