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Citi Raising Fresh Capital

By slightly unorthodox means but no matter! Cityfile reports that the out of the box thinkers at Citi have filed suit against "All Citi Pawn Shop" in Brooklyn for jacking the bank's name and logo, on the (awesome) grounds that the business is "tarnishing the extraordinary reputation of Citi." Obviously, no one at Count Vikula's palace actually believes this is happening. On the contrary, the bank is all too aware of the fact that they should be so lucky as to be associated, or mistaken for, a pawn shop, and that the latter is probably more profitable these days. Enter: genius to sue over things like trademark infringement and unfair competition, and demand that no only does All Citi drop the name, but turn over all profits since adopting the name, which, dollars to donuts, far surpass earnings for '08.