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CNBC: "Is Geithner's Neck On The Line?"

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On the one hand, we have to give props where props are due-- CNBC demonstrated remarkable restraint in not running that line with the "Breaking News" graphic. On the other, seriously, CNBC? Seriously? Was this the conclusion to a series of escalating dares among producers? We're going to go ahead and assume the answer is 'yes,' and provide the somehow less ridiculous ones which came before it:
"Geither: Love Child of Tony Blair and Sloth from the Goonies?"
"Geither: Looking for a good time, sweet cheeks?"
"Geither: Terrorist?"
"Geithner: Is Paulson His Biological Father?"
"Geithner: Is He A Hobbit? Or Does He Just Love Himself Some Of That Hot Hobbit Ass?"
Surely you can do better.


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