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Completely Unfounded, Possibly Baseless Rumor Of The Day, TARP Edition that a woman named Hayley Boesky, daughter of Ivan, will be heading TARP. Now, on the one hand, the most glaring reason this possibly smacks of BS is that Kashkari still has the job. On the other, Boesky Jr. did work (closely?) with Geithner at the NY Fed and she's also an ex-Goldman MD, which might (or might not) still count for something. Perhaps she's not heading but assisting? Or consulting? Or none of the above? Know anything about it (this or the whispers that Mike Mike Milken's nephew will be taking a position as Bernanke's administrative assistant)? Get in touch.
Update: Thanks to one of our more Google-savvy readers, we're told the Haley in question is not the daughter of Ivan. Which is disappointing.
Update II: TALF, not TARP.