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FGG Is A Litigation Magnet

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More than a litigation magnet, a litigation synthesis machine. Anyone touching the place is bound to spawn screaming over something. Like, say, hacking into your sister's laptop and stealing her amazingly timely and socially relevant novel "Hedge Fund Wives":

Natasha Boncompagni has settled a lawsuit filed against her by her sister and author Tatiana Hoover, admitting that she did not co-write the book, about four wealthy Wall Street wives. Hoover filed suit against her sister last year, alleging that Boncompagni secretly copied parts of the novel by hacking into her laptop on a family vacation to Milkwaukee and copywriting them to claim co-authorship. Hoover acknowledged that her sister, a former employee of hedge fund Fairfield Greenwich Group, provided input, but said she never sought credit as a co-author until after the novel was completed.
For her part, Boncompagni told the News that she only agreed to the settlement because her sister's father-in-law, Fred Kolber, is a principal at her old firm, Fairfield Greenwich, which lost more than half of its assets in the Bernard Madoff scandal.

Forgive us, but:
1. How do you "secretly" "copywrite" portions of a novel? Do you just insert "copyright by grubbing thief of intellectual property 2008, all hands off" into the word document where no one will notice until its too late?
2. Who vacations in Milwaukee? Sorry, we know this is a little snobby, but what the hell is up there besides the scene for the outside shots on Laverne & Shirley?
Either way, there's nothing like a failed hedge fund to bring squabbling (That's mine! No, mine! I'll tell!) parties to the settlement table.
Novel Hedge Fund Lawsuit Ends With Family Amity [FinAlternatives]


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