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"I'll Take The Case!"

Don't worry. The regulators are on it like white on rice. They are screaming through materials on "island time," baby. Yes, yes, sure, they heard the screams, but they never looked before because the neighbors never complained. Now that blood is running under the door into the sidewalk, however, they've decided to take matters in hand and apply for a search warrant. The judge, however, is on vacation until next week so, we'll have to wait until then to open the door. Don't worry. They've flown in experts from Sarasota to assist in the investigation. Until they arrive, they will just play trivial pursuit with the prime suspect. (What was Columbo's first name?)

Antigua and Barbuda regulators will quiz Stanford International Bank officials about issues raised in press reports, but have not launched a formal investigation of the Caribbean nation's largest bank, in part because no customers have complained, the top regulator told Reuters on Friday.

Antigua regulator to quiz Stanford [Reuters]
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