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It Is Probably Going To Hair Extinguishing Devices

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So what happens when your federal agency get publicly skewered with the most detailed, scathing (and likely accurate) verbal disemboweling this side of a re-run of "The Equalizer?" Why, you get double digit budget raises, of course.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to receive a 13% funding boost next year, bringing its 2010 budget to about $1.02 billion.
The boost comes after several years of static funding levels and at a time when the SEC has been criticized sharply for inadequate oversight of the markets and enforcement of securities laws.
The administration said the SEC would use the additional funding to increase staff and its use of technology to "pursue a risk-based, efficient regulatory structure that will better detect fraud and strengthen markets."

SEC May Get 13% Funding Increase [The Wall Street Journal]


Former Barclays Employee Is Probably Going To Jail

Before anyone takes to Twitter to give the UK a piece of her mind, though, breathe easy: the misconduct is related to funds used to pay for breast augmentations and other cosmetic enhancements and could even take some of the heat off of Bob Diamond et al, who've yet to be accused of using customer money to pay for lipo. A bank clerk stole £46,000 to fund a boob job, liposuction and hair extensions to help her achieve her dream of becoming a model. Rachael Claire Martin admitted taking the money over an eight-week period from Barclays Bank in Liskeard, Cornwall, where she worked. The 24-year-old, from St Austell, Cornwall, is thought to have spent £4,000 on breast enlargement and £1,700 on dental work, which included teeth whitening treatment. The mother of one also travelled to Bristol on wild shopping sprees - buying make up and other items before enjoying nights out on the town back at home. While working at the bank, she regularly stole relatively small sums of £2,000 and £1,000, which she siphoned into her own account. On one occasion she managed to take £6,000. She initially denied 25 separate counts of theft from the bank between September 1 and October 3 in 2010. But the prosecution charged her with just one count of stealing £46,000 over the same period at Truro Crown Court yesterday and she pleaded guilty...She will face a jail term when she returns to court in September. Police were called when the theft was realised - but she had apparently already spent most of the stolen cash on her appearance, in the hope of realising her modelling dream. Barclays bank clerk stole £46,000 and spent it on boob job, liposuction and wild shopping sprees to fulfill her dream of becoming a model [DM]