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Ken Lewis: Nothing Is Fucked

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The Bank of Amerillwide CEO had had it up to here (points to Angelo Mozilo's forehead) with this nationalization talk, so you know what he did about it? He got "policy officials" in Washington on the horn and they assured him it is categorically not gonna happen (they're just going to let BAC fail-- kidding!). Of course, the worthless wonks won't get out there and spread the good news to the masses, so we're gonna need your help to widely disseminate the message. Fire up your e-mail blasts, stuff your carrier pigeons, and let's get this thing done.

Mr. Lewis addressed the nationalization speculation during a senior leadership meeting Thursday at the bank's headquarters, according to a person there. Policy officials in Washington have assured Mr. Lewis that such an option isn't on the table, the CEO said. He also said he has urged the government to say this publicly.

No word on plans or Citi, or leaks of Vikram addressing the matter with first year analysts at Trivia Night on Wednesday, so we assume they've resigned themselves to the idea.