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Ken Lewis To Reveal Winning Answer At Noon

As you know, Ken Lewis is set to have a little chat with Andrew Cuomo today, re: Merrill bonuses. And while we know precious little about how it'll all go down, save for the inside info that John Thain left some used gum for KL on the seat after his meeting yesterday, and the hope that Lewis will respond to every one of Andy's questions with the same line he used with Waters ("I don't understand what you're talking about"), we can take a sec to come to a consensus on one thing. What sort of brain food the Bank of Amerillwide CEO will eat for breakfast before going into battle. So.

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*Went down to the hotel bar last night to ease his nerves and who should he find drinking alone but Andy Cuomo. It's awk at first, sure, but before long they're agreeing over how silly "this whole bonus thing is," introducing themselves as business associates from out of town to unsuspecting women at the bar and cracking jokes at Thain's expense. (Cuomo: "No, no seriously, you shoulda seen him today, cracking under the pressure, the fruit.")