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Live Blogging Lewis

Indeed, we can't resist any banker interview split-screen with Obama. Who, we wonder, is going to get the audio feed?
The story so far:
- No one should be pleased with the salary cap. (Surprise surprise).
- No one has brought up nationalization for us yet. (Uh huh).
- Overpaid for Merrill? Well, no... not really. *Clears Throat*
- On strong arming by the government to close the Merrill deal: They said "We strongly advice you that it is not in your best interest or the country's best interest to walk away from this deal."
- How do you justify the Merrill bonus move: I wasn't personally aware of the details, we were aware that there was a bonus plan, but, given the pending litigation, that's where my commentary ends.
- "We execute better than anyone." (Ahem).
This interview is impressively soft. No follow-ups of notice.
- Why did you fire John Thain? "I almost feel like that's ancient history..." (That's it? I suppose that's to be expected).
- No regrets over acquiring Merrill? Not long-term. As soon as we can shed this TARP saddle, we will be in great shape.
- More money from the government? Categorically, no.
What fluff. Wow. "What's the most important thing you can do to improve your business..."
Obama, thankfully (yes, I said that) has intervened and cut off Lewis. Phew. That was getting embarrassing.